silicone face brush waterproof

A good facial cleanse is the backbone of any good skincare routine. Without a freshly cleansed face, unwanted dirt and make-up can build up, causing unnecessary skin issues, and not to mention moisturizers and serums won’t penetrate as well, stopping them from doing the job you paid good money for them to do.

silicone face brush rechargeable waterproof

Enter cleansing brushes – the must-have beauty tool that will make your face gets a deep clean every single time you wash your face. 

Using a cleansing brush is suitable for all skin types too, not only do they gently remove dead skin cells, they also help to stimulate new collagen production through a sonic facial massage.  

Wondering how to use a Miglo face cleansing brush? Here are 4 easy steps to getting a squeaky clean, every single time.


How To Use Miglo Step 1

Step 1: Wet your face with warm water

How To Use Miglo Step 2
Step 2: Wet The Miglo

How To Use Miglo Step 3
Step 3: Apply your cleanser to your Miglo

How To Use Miglo Step 4
Step 4: Wash for 1 Minute. Choose a comfortable speed and gently glide the brush in a circular motion.


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