How To Properly Wash Your Face

How To Properly Wash Your Face

Updated 5/31/2021

The most important step in your skincare routine is cleansing. Proper cleansing gently lifts oil and debris from the skin’s surface and removes impurities. Skin that has been cleansed properly allows for the subsequent products in your skincare routine to penetrate deeper. The result is healthier more radiant skin

Before Getting Started

Before you even begin your cleansing routine remember to refresh your hands by washing and removing any residue from them that could irritate your delicate facial skin. It’s easy to jump right into your skincare routine without recalling the household or personal tasks you engaged in directly beforehand. Routine household chores such as washing the dishes or disinfecting a table or countertop can result in unintentionally allowing irritants to mix in with your other facial products and disrupt your skin. Be sure to start your skincare routine by washing your hands with a gentle non-abrasive hand soap.

3 Steps To Clear Skin Naturally

1- Use Gentle Wash Cloths or Facial Pads

Exfoliating, rotating cleansing devices have become very popular in recent years. These types of devices should not be used every day. If used too often they over-exfoliate the skin, strip it of good oil and do more harm than good during the cleansing process. Natural Ramie fiber pads are wonderful options for cleansing the skin. Remember if you use a reusable facial cloth to allow it to dry completely in between usage and use a different cloth for your face and body

2- Be Gentle

Use gentle, delicate, circular motions on your skin to remove make-up and to dissolve excess surface debris. Scrubbing too hard even with your bare hands can irritate and cause discomfort to the skin. Gently work your cleanser into your skin, if you feel like your skin needs a deeper cleanse allow your cleanser to rest on the skin for 2-3 minutes and then use moderate circular motions to lift heavy makeup from the surface of the skin.

3- Pat Do Not Rub

After cleansing your skin allow it to air dry or use a disposable cotton square to gently dry the skin. Pat or gently sweep the cloth across the face to remove excess water. Your skin is now ready for the next steps in your skincare routine. 

Clear skin at home

Want to maintain your flawless glow? Remember these tips during the cleansing process: Use warm water and wash your face until all visible makeup and surface oil and other unwanted debris is removed. Remember to pay special attention to your hairline where excess oil from products can build up and cause breakout and remember to cleanse your neck, and ears.

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