7 Ways to Practice Self-Care and Balance

7 Ways to Practice Self-Care and Balance

7 Ways to Practice Self-Care and Balance

Respect and love for yourself determines the level to which you are able to love others, your work, and the world around you. A lot of people preach the self-love mantra, but they actually don’t understand what it means.

For better clarity, here are 7 ways to practice self-care and balance

  1. Accept things as they are

The first step to self-love is accepting two things who you are now and who you’ve been. This means you don’t have to try putting a spin over things that are coming up. Experience reality as it is, and try to learn from each experience as you go.

Also, release judgment from your flaws, as well as comparison with others. Despite what you might be experiencing, remain gentle. Acceptance is bout holding firm in spite of the realities of our life. It creates a neutral mind and space and helps you to focus on moving forward.

2. You can change. Know that

Despite your acceptance, you should know that transformation is possible. Regardless of what you’re going through, believe in your potential to change and love yourself. Never doubt yourself, and believe in opportunities ahead.

3. Honor your divine nature

Self-love involves knowing that you’re not below or above anyone. You’re as skilled, lovable and good as the next human being. There’s a part of every human that is perfect in all ways, and which is divinely orchestrated. As we see this in ourselves, it becomes easy to see it in others. This way, we get to honor them as well.

4. Forgive yourself

It is also important for you to embrace the fact that you’re still a human being. Understand when you’ve veered off the right path, forgive yourself, and begin anew. Ignore the voice of criticism in you and understand that you don’t need to adhere to what it says. Your mistake don’t define who you are, and they should never make you feel any less of a person than you actually are.

5. Take care of yourself

Developing self-love in a holistic level also involves understanding and respecting the needs and limitations of your body. Whether you need some sleep, time to yourself, a walk on the beach or a trip to the doctor’s office, give your body what it needs to stay in shape. Address any dangerous occurrences and get the help you need.

6. Honor the things that spark your joy

With self-love, you listen to your desires with an open mind. So, reflect on the habit and things that make you happy. Self-love is embracing the art of you that wants to be nurtured through joy and playfulness; your inner child. Release pretense and let your authentic self come forth. Don’t let culture, traditions or social media make you who you’re not.

7. You determine your happiness

Understand that your well-being and happiness al depend on the choices you make. You’re worthy of these things because you’re alive.

Set clear boundaries

Think about some of the bad choices you’ve made and how they’ve made you suffer. Set clear boundaries with the people around you in order to keep yourself nurtured. There will be instances where your boundaries will be violated, but it will help you to revise them and set even newer ones.

Don’t take phone calls at odd hours, defend yourself when the situation calls for it, and make people understand that you know your worth. You don’t have to be rude, of course, but there are clear-cut ways to communicate these things. Control your energy and top sharing it with detrimental people.

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