5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Alcohol-Free Toner

5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Alcohol-Free Toner

Many people generally won’t use a toner as part of their daily skincare routine because they are not sure of the purpose. Some just see it as an added step that’s simply unnecessary. Sound familiar? But, as a skincare expert, I’m here to tell you that toners are essential, and I will give you five reasons why you absolutely should be using a natural toner in your routine.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Alcohol-Free Toner

5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Alcohol-Free Toner

1. When left damp on the skin, a natural toner will give your skin good moisture before you apply your serum or moisturizer.

As long as you’re leaving the toner on the skin at least 2 minutes before immediately applying your next product, the toner will give an instant boost of hydration to thirsty skin cells. But make sure you are only using an alcohol-free face toner. The toners that contain alcohol are extremely drying to the skin and should avoided at all costs. I recommend and personally use natural rose water as a face toner. 

“People are so unclear of the purpose of a face toner and see it as an unnecessary step. But in reality using a good toner is EXTREMELY important and beneficial!”


2.  Alcohol free toners will remove chlorine and toxins found in tap water.

Bad for your skin things like chlorine, salts, minerals, and chemicals that is in a lot of tap water can be really harsh on the skin’s epidermal surface layers. 

3. Rose water toner can help balance the PH of the skin.

If you use something on your face that is too strong for you it can dry out the skin because of a high pH level, a alochol free rose water toner will help to prevent the dry and tight skin that occurs afterwards.

4.Help to enhance the overall results of your skincare routine.

A rosewater toner can help to calm, control extra oil production, stimulate blood circulation, destroy nasty acne-causing bacteria, and so more. 

5. An alcohol free rosewater toner will support your skin’s natural protective barrier.

By providing the skin with essential nutrients and hydration, you are repairing the skin’s protective barrier to create the ultimate healthy balance for the skin. This then causes the skin to have less irritation and helps to build a resistance to environmental toxins.

Our skin cells are like fish and need water to survive, so be sure to use a toner immediately after cleansing. To spray a mist all over your skin then let it absorb does not take much time at all. Your skin needs as much hydration as possible so that it can be healthy and look and feel its best.

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PJ Johnson

Herbal Alchemist & Certified Wellness Coach

 As a certified wellness coach and founder of Oh It’s Natural. PJ has healed her own horrible problem acne breakouts, and she helps thousands of adults with acne to get healthy clear glowing skin naturally, through an easy healthy diet, lifestyle improvements by using plant-based products.

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