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Second Review

This is my second time leaving a five star review for this product. I wanted to leave a new review now that I have tried the new formulation. I was honestly very scared to hear those weirds as we know what can happen. I’ve been using the new one for a month and I am happy to say I LOVE the new formula even more than the original!! My skin has been love love loving this new formula. It’s even gentler than before if that’s possible and I just really enjoy the way it feels on my skin. Would highly recommend

love using it daily!

I use my miglo every day really makes my skin feel soft and clean

I’m an esthetician and I recommend this cleanser to everyone I can!

Best Facial Cleanser For Dry Skin

my face texture has changed for the better

I love the way miglo deep cleans my pores! The texture of my face has improved greatly! I am addicted to my miglo brush!

cleanse well

As an older female, I love this to clean my face. It’s a soft bristle scrub that cleans all my oil and make up off.

Must use daily

Love the relaxng facial massage I get from this little gem twice a day! Definately worth the investment. Miglo cleanses perfectly every single time. Buy two, one for the shower and one for the sink! Feels wonderful on the skin and cleanses very well. I Highly recommended!

love miglo

I really enjoy using Miglo in the shower!! I've been using mine 2x a day for 3 months and still have not had to charge it! The massage vibrations against your face🥰 massage plus cleansing your face!

excellent cleanser

I love how this cleanser does not strip my skin dry and keeps it feeling soft and hydrated!

long battery life

Battery lasts forever!!!! Love this product and use it every day. Would highly recommend it.

shocked how good it is

WOW don't let the size of the miglo fool you! The sonic vibrations really gets the dirt out of pores and you're going to end up feeling like you have had a facial! Who would of thought that something so small, that you hold in the palm of your hand could give your face such a smooth cleaning. It's much better than a loofah, sponge, make-up wipe! My skin feels so clean and smooth after each use.

double cleanse glory

Love using my miglo with my foaming cleanser. It gently massages while cleansing. My face has never felt so clean and refreshed. Absolutely love it!

love the battery

Leave this in the shower to apply my daily cleanser and exfoliating mask. The battery life on this miglo is amazing can go almost a month without recharging.

Beard Oil
good scented beard oil

The scent was fantastic and not over powering our loud. It felt light on my beard, and not too greasy. I loved the aroma, and my wife loved it too!

Cleans and rejuvenates

Cleans and rejuvenates my skin really well. Miglo feels good with my face serums too

instant glowing skin

Feels amazing on my face & neck, love that it makes my skin GLOW!

love the miglo

Love the Miglo! Makes my skin feel soft and clean!! I use and love all the Oh It's Natural products!!❤️

i like it alot

This cleanser is amazing. It’s gentle and never leaves my face feeling stripped!

I ordered the sample pack because I wanted to try 5 all the scents and coconut is my FAV. These are great products that nourish the skin and smell wonderful. They are not overly perfumed. I will continue to order! And recommend!

Beard Oil
its good stuff

I really enjoy this beard oil! It is the perfect solution of having a nice smelling oil without the greasy residue some oils can leave behind on your hands and face.

love love it

I really love this cleanser, my skin has been loving the simplicity of oh it's natural products. Highly recommend!

Love it

Wife said it is sooo smooth

Whipped Butter Delights

The various Shea Butters are a delight. I love them as hand moisturizers . They are rich and smooth and keeps my hands from drying out.

I love the fact that I could smell and sample the fragrances of the scented shea butters to see which one(s) I liked best. They all are amazing but peachy mango and lemon sage are my favorites.

lemon sage wins

I love my Shea butter sample packs and my sisters do as well. I have people asking me about it. It provides just the right amount of moisture for my skin. I’m never ashy during the day and this helps me stay that way!