a quick guide to using our products

If you’ve just recently discovered our products, welcome! Our products are formulated to be multi-use, mixable, and safe for most skin types-but the how (to use them) is very important.

 Check out the one stop “how-to use” guide outlined by product

Hemp + Aloe Facial Cleanser

safe for all skin types us both AM/PM

Rosie Cheeks Rosewater Toner

for all skin types: it’s hard to over-do it with this naturally soothing product.  Use after cleansing (or any other time during the day you need a pick-me-up), spritz all over face and neck and take a moment to enjoy the hydrating benefits of rosewater.

Hemp All Over  Face and Body Oil

for all skin types: this non-greasy oil is very multi-purpose. here are a few of our favorite ways to use it:

1. after showering and/or shaving, massage as much as needed into legs, stomach, arms and chest.

2. use 2 -3 drops on your face if you’re feeling especially dry on the face.

3. toss out your chemical packed lotions, use a few drops on your elbows, knees, and heels.

4. men love it as an after-shave and beard oil!

Whipped Hemp + Sugar Scrub

for all skin types: use to exfoliate away dead skin

Oh It’s Natural’s products are meant to create a luxurious, fuss-free skin care ritual that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. we believe that you don’t need a ton of products to achieve naturally glowing skin; each of our products are made from gentle and effective organic, plant-based ingredients that are good for your body and mind. 


Daily Hemp Duo

Glowing Skin Kit

Full Body Glow