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oh it's natural results oh it's natural results 
Hemp + Aloe Face Cleanser Results
After 30+ days
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Hemp All Over Glow Oil Results
After 14 - 30 days
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I got this to use for my son's eczema on his arms, So far it has helped with his scratching all the time. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Convenient and goes on perfectly! I swear my skin is so shiny and moisturized ALL DAY LONG! Please keep this in stock!

I love that the coconut scent the most and can use safely on face and eyes especially. We are very happy customers!

I took this on vacation and didnt have to worry about taking a bunch of products with us.

I have extremely sensitive skin and I have absolutely found my new favorite oatmeal soap with this one!!!

love this brush! It is gentle but effective. great for cleansing and removing makeup

Happy with the set of 3. i still cant pick a fav bec they all smell really good to me

My son uses this to control this acne breakouts, we are very happy with the hemp and aloe facial cleanser

this bar helped to clear up my acne breakout on my neck and chest XOXOXOXO

Smells good and lasts about a month so i am happy with it

Works and feels great. So much better than the face cleaners with the bristles because this kind is antimicrobial

I have ordered the hemp aloe cleanser two times it is a very good stuff. My skin is not dry after using it and i dont need alot of moisturizer either.

Wow! Better than Expected. My entire family likes the charcoal bar,even my 12 year old pre-teen son!

Really Soft silicone material. Easy to handle. Feels great in the hands. It is an easy setup. Simple as plugging in and charging unit. cute bright yellow color.

pretty happy with my soaps they smell good

My husbands favorite soap bar, KEEP THIS ON DECK!

I love this cleansing brush!! It even lights up on the bottom to know it is charging. It vibrates against my face when I place face wash on it. Love using it and easy to clean. My skin feels clean and fresh. Definitely gets out all the make up gunk on my face especially when I use foundation. No more clogged pores. Squeaky clean and glowing skin.

I love how soft i feel after i shower using the matcha soap bar. I absolutely love it. it doesnt smell too strong either

I have oily skin and the charcoal soap has helped my skin alot in like a week of using this bar my forehead is not as shiny when i wake up in the morning.

i use the matcha as a facial bar and i LOVE it

I love the face cleansing brush, it has upgraded my face routine. I use it every single morning with the hemp + aloe facial cleanser.

this whipped shea body butter is THE BOMB.COM

my son loves the matcha bar

Love the smell and the clean feeling after using the charcoal soap definitely recommend all of the products

love the lather