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The soap that makes all other soaps cower in shame. My whole family loves it!

Love the hemp all over, it keeps my face well hydrated without leaving a greasy residue, which is just perfect. I'll never live without it!

My wife loves this hemp oil for her face, I have purchased this for her as a birthday gift.

Itโ€™s natural and itโ€™s great!

I tried several soap samples and love them all. Iโ€™m in love with the skin care as well, although I do not use oil-based products on my face. OIN will leave you feeling clean and refreshed!

This is my absolute favorite soap! Smells amazing too.

I am over 40, my skin has gone from oily to combination, finding a product that hydrates without clogging pores in my "T-zone" seemed impossible, until I found this hemp all over oil! Love it! I use it with the jade roller at night, the results are amazing.

I am addicted to this hemp face oil. I have used several different face oils in the past but nothing compares to this one.

Okay, Iโ€™m addicted to ALL of your wonderful soaps! Everyone is getting one for Christmas! They are so moisturizing and last a very long time. Also, I love the fact that they are hypoallergenic and completely natural. My husband is trying the Cool Mint soap and likes that it is moisturizing. Thank you for your wonderful products!

This product is great! It smells so good and natural! I use it every night and it soaks right into my skin.

One of the best facial oil out there, I highly suggest this oil to anyone with dark spots on their skin!

Love the matcha soap bar very moisturizing and smells amazing!! Lasts a long time in the shower. I am so excited I found this company!!

My bottle lasted me 3 months! I love love love this hemp oil and the price is excellent!

I absolutely love this hemp facial oil and it's one of the best I've used and I've used many! It does not make my face an oily slick mess and it brightens up my face instantly! And I love the amazing aroma which is just heavenly.

This is my 5th bar!!! I love this soap!

My skin feels really soft when I wake up and it's a really good feeling to know that I'm not using any chemical products on my skin. Thanks for making your amazing products!

love this hemp oil with the jade roller!

By far one of my favorite soaps!! Smells amazing and keeps me feeling fresh. Not an overwhelming scent at all, it's perfect!

This has got to be the best product out there for anti-aging. It feels so good on my skin and it works almost instantaneously.

Pleased with the mini hemp oil

good quality soap. i love that is 100% natural ingredients

I do like the way the hemp oil makes my skin feel. I can tell a difference in the tone of my skin.

This amazing oil will do things for your skin that NOTHING else has ever done. Things you would never think possible!

Excellent all natural soap bars! The shea butter is amazing!

This matcha soap bar has the cleanest most wonderful smell. Even after the soap has dried it continues to scent my bathroom like a lovely candle. You will love this soap!

Iโ€™m 42 and I have very dry & itchy skin. I'm also starting to see some wrinkles. This hemp oil helps with the appearance of wrinkles and helps with dry skin. But what I like the most is that is 100% natural