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The Hemp face and body scrub is great... everything is perfect.

On my 3rd purchase, I can't use anything else on my skin. Keep the good stuff coming!

Works well with the sugar scrub!

I deal with some really difficult acne, including cystic acne. Since I have been using this kit for the last 3-4 weeks, I have not had any major breakouts. I love the way it leaves my skin feeling soft. I am excited to try more products!

Loved the scent and the consistency i used it with the scrub pad...AMAZING!....I'll be purchasing more!

Very pleased with the soap slices! These are packaged well and they are the perfect size!

It starts off a bit rough, but after a few uses I am in love with using it to exfoliate weekly.

love your products my acne has slowed down tremendously!! I am now slowly adding more and more of your products into my routine and am loving each and every one of them. thank you!!

Ordered this as a gift, their one word description? “Devine.” Love this company!

I have tried several expensive face care products and have always had breakouts but after using Oh It's Natural for 2 weeks, I truly notice firmer, smoother, and brighter skin. No breakouts. I love using Oh It's Natural.

I have ordered a variety of products, scents and packaging. I have not been disappointed yet, I highly recommend you try something for yourself.

The oatmeal and shea butter slices are my fav, my husband loves the lemongrass slice. They last a very long time too, we have been using ours for 2 weeks and still have them! Highly recommend this set.

Love em! My mom uses hers with her sugar scrub and she says its heaven for her skin.

I struggle with very bad hormonal acne and it has been completely CLEARED since using Oh It's Natural! My face feels so smooth and soft, I’m obsessed!! Can’t recommend it enough!!!

I bought some as gifts but kept one for myself. It’s a super pleasant scent and I love it.

Oh It's Natural quickly became part of my daily routine and made my face feel fresh! I didn’t experience one those intense breakout you fear when trying a new product.

It's a whole experience I 100% love it. My skin is clean and exfoliated with one product, SIMPLE & QUICK!

My skin is clearer than ever after just one week of using the cleanser and hemp oil!

Ive only used the shea butter slice so far, i am hooked on it!

I use one on my body and one on my face, love em!

This is the second discovery kit that I've bought and there is a noticeable difference! Breakouts have been happening less and my skin stays hydrated for longer without looking greasy. A product kit worth splurging on! Love that the carry bag is multi purpose!

These products are absolutely amazing. My adult acne has drastically improved since December when I started using the products. My over all complexion on my face is brighter as well! So so happy I found this company!

I love this soap! It smells amazing, lathers well, and rinses clean, leaving no residue. The lemongrass does wonders for the skin on my body. It leaves it glowing and feeling hydrated. I enjoy the bonus of a nice mood boost while in the shower, from smelling the lemongrass. It's like an added aromatherapy session. I definitely would recommend, and will continue to purchase.

Leaves my skin feeling refreshed every time! I will not go anywhere without it!