How To Get Clear Skin

How To Get Clear Skin

How to Get Clear Skin Fast: 10 Tips That Work Fast As You Stay Home

Who doesn't want to know how to get clear skin? Most of us find clear skin hard to achieve. I have a secret: it's easier than you think. You can get clear skin fast with natural products, and you don't have to break the bank.

Whether breakouts have been a life-long struggle or there's just that sudden pimple, I'm here to help. Overall, we have 10 general tips and 3-4 recommendations for your skin type. Read until the bottom of this page for all of my best tips for clear skin!

How To Get Clear Skin Naturally At Home: Our Top 10 Natural Skin Care Tips

First, the steps on how to get clear skin in your home depend on your skin type. If you struggle with acne, type your skin first. Is it dry, oily, or a combination?

While the ideal skincare routine should be tailor-fit to your type, there are general ways that anyone struggling with acne can try.

If you're hesitant about the DIY route for skincare, a dermatologist is the best option. They'll be able to apply their experience, and you'll get additional advice.

Before you try out that trendy facial, mask, or product, seek the essential skincare foundations first. We've rounded the best ways on how to get clear skin fast - and we've got a lot to say. See if you can introduce them into your skin care routine:

#1 Stop Popping Pimples

Yes, they're annoying, but pimples are pretty straight-forward. They exist because the skin cells have trapped oil, sebum, and bacteria. Throw in dead skin cells, stress, and pollution exposure, and you've got sudden breakouts.

Believe it or not, pimples are a good sign. Your body is rejecting those elements, so the natural healing mechanisms are working.

Don't disrupt that healing process by popping those zits. It's tempting, I know, but you only risk scarring and even more acne. We just can't see the bacteria that spreads to the surrounding pores when we pop zits.

Whenever possible, avoid popping pimples. If they drain, keep the area clean.

#2 Wash Your Face Twice Daily and After Your Workout

In skincare, it's best to build the basics first. How can you incorporate new techniques and products down if you don't have the very foundation?

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends washing twice a day and again after you sweat!

how to clean your face

Sweat makes acne worse. Everything in sweat, from ammonia to sodium, leads to acne breakouts. Remember this after a hot day out in the sun, especially if you have a mask on outside. A mask traps more oil and sweat into your skin.

#3 Stop Touching The Face With Dirty Hands

You don't know how much bacteria and dirt you pick up with your fingers. Mindlessly touching your face deposits all those unseen dirt and bacteria onto the skin, leading to breakouts, spots, and zits.

When you go out, wash your mask after use.

#4 Always Moisturize Your Skin

All types of skin benefit from a high-quality moisturizer. If you deprive your pores of hydration, sebum control, and protection, it's no wonder you can't get clear skin fast.

natural home remedies

Though all people need moisturizers in their skincare routine, what's most effective for your skin type will vary. Lightweight moisturizers like aloe vera gel may help oily skin types more, but oil-based ones might work better for those with dry skin.

Anxious about the ideal product for you? I recommend going to a dermatologist first.

#5 Wear Sunscreen Daily

always wear sunscreen

 Sunscreen is one of the best products for clear skin. UV rays cause more harm than you think! Use around two fingers' worth of sunscreen every day for protection, and reapply as needed.

#6 Use More Natural Skin Care Products

If you're got the basics down, your key to clear skin might lie in the ingredient list. Your pores might be reacting to irritating products, such as:

  • Alcohol-based products
  • Toners
  • Harsh exfoliants
  • Astringents

Do a test patch before incorporating a new product into your skincare routine. See if you react in any way before putting it onto your face. Go for gentle and hypoallergenic products, too.

#7 Always Avoid Hot Water For Your Face

 Showering or washing the hands and face with boiling water can dry out or damage the skin. For some people, using lukewarm water can alleviate acne and clear up your skin.

#8 Eat a Healthy Diet

If you're struggling with cooking healthy meals, focus on making your plate as colorful as possible. Vegetable and fruit colors link to specific antioxidants. The latter has proven to combat everything from UV damage to aging. Your overall health is better, too.

clear skin diet tips


Eat low-fat yogurt, vegetables, lean meat, and fruit. Get supplements for antioxidants, and vitamin C. Cut out foods with a high glycemic index, like milk, white bread, and sugary foods as a whole.

#9 Use More Natural Makeup

The best makeup products for clear skin are natural and non-comedogenic. Those kinds of makeup brands won't clog pores and lead to breakouts.

Exercise good makeup practices, too! For one, you should never go to bed with a full face. Always clean your brushes, tools, and don't share them with other people. You don't know what bacteria you might pick up that can lead to acne.

#10 Reduce Your Stress Levels with Self-Care

A 2017 article found that psychological stress aggravated skin problems, worsening them over time. Being in a period of anger or emotional stress increases the body's inflammatory compounds!

There are diverse options for stress relief. You can:

  • Exercise regularly and tweak it according to your preferences (walking the dog, dancing, or hitting the gym)
  • Book a massage session
  • Practice meditation and breathing exercises
  • Do yoga and tai chi


self care is essential

Stress relief isn't one-size-fits-all. You can watch your favorite movie or write in a journal instead!

Skincare For Adults with Oily Skin

It's time to focus on the steps that vary according to your skin type. For adults with an excess of oil production, they may be more acne-prone than the rest of the population. The overproduction of sebum leads to acne and a shiny face!

To mitigate acne for oily skin, follow these steps:

Use an oil- balancing cleanser

An oil-free cleanser can wash away sebum without adding more oil to the skin. Make sure they're mild - and get natural products, too! Our hydrating cleanser detoxifies the skin as it breaks down sebum, leaving it shine-free.

home remedies for clear skin

Wash your hair regularly

Hair washing is just as important as face washing. If you have oily skin, you probably have an oily scalp. Excess oils can travel from hair strands to the face, irritating the pores. Try washing your hair daily to control oil, then settle into a routine that works for you.

Use a gentle toner

So, what does face toner do? It can unclog your pores, taking away acne. While salicylic and glycolic acids can work, try out natural toners - like one with rose water. 

Rosewater toners have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, balancing your skin's PH and preventing breakouts!

Make sunscreen a habit

Oily skin is much more reactive to sunlight, so wear sunscreen to protect yourself! Use lightweight sunscreens that don't leave any residue.

Skincare for Adults with Combination Skin

When you have combination skin, you have dry and oily patches at the same time. It can be hard to keep each patch balanced! Thankfully, you can benefit from the following skincare options:

Consider using an aloe-based foaming cleanser

We know aloe vera as one of the most valuable products for the skin. Some people with dry, oily, and inflamed patches react well, so those who struggle with facial cleansing can try it out. A mild, oil-reducing cleanser with aloe vera and hemp seed oil will help you out.

aloe vera plant

Use a toner for oily-combination skin

Got stubborn oily patches? Apply rosewater toner on your T-zone, chin, and other oily spots to balance them out. Prevent sebum overproduction, inflammation, and breakouts!

Skincare for Adults With Dry Skin

Dry skin looks dull, and most add too much oil to their face to counteract it. Most go for unsuitable moisturizers, also. Read our guidelines below for dry skin:

Add a lightweight moisturizer

You want to incorporate just the right amount of moisture into your skin. Simply put, your moisturizer shouldn't clog pores. Natural moisturizers adapt well to all skin types, so consider hemp, jojoba, and coconut oils! That way, the moisturizer isn't just for your face but your entire body, too.

non comedogenic moisturizer for face

Use gentle face washes

You don’t want to strip your skin of dirt or natural oils. Instead, you want to encourage more of it. A gentle face wash is part of the tricks you can add to your routine! Look for the best ingredients and products to try out, or work with a dermatologist.

Can You Get Clear Skin Overnight?

To get clear skin fast, you have to think about the time investment. It won't be overnight, but you can get clear skin in a few weeks if you do the same routine consistently.

How To Get Clear Skin Fast: A Summary

Once you know how to get clear skin with natural products, you can focus on maintenance. You don't have to go out for expensive facials. Try shipping your products to your house. Do techniques for clear skin.

The best products for clear skin are natural products for acne. Read ingredients first. I still stress the importance of lifestyle: reduce stress, try a healthy diet, and stay hydrated.

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