12 Easy Healthy Smoothie Recipes

12 Easy healthy smoothies recipes for a healthy start to your day

Healthy smoothies made with superfoods are a super quick, easy, and delicious way to add nutrients to your daily diet.  


In December of 2015, I was gifted a blender and I started making a green smoothie everyday for 30 days to just to see what would happen. The results I saw were amazing. 

  1. Increased energy throughout the day and that meant no afternoon slump or need for a nap.
  2. Improved skin glow. Naturally, there is a healthy glow on my face that wasn’t there before.
  3. Accidental but healthy weight loss.
  4. My cravings for sweets has decreased. That’s not to say that still I don’t crave chocolate or a sugar-filled snack very now and then, but I now crave the sweetness of fruits and the flavors of vegetables more than ever.
  5. The most surprising benefit I have seen has been no more afternoon cravings to just sit and snack! Boom! I’ve battled the COVID cravings for months. Being home so much in 2020, I would always have this crazy overwhelming urge to snack, which had absolutely nothing to do with feeling hungry at the time. Trust me,I have tried everything with little to no success until starting to drink smoothies on a regular basis.



Eating natural superfoods are nutrient powerhouses that pack larger doses of natural antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals our bodies need.

Nutrient density is important for long term health. Dr. Fuhrman developed the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI), which shows how popular foods stack up in terms of micronutrient density per calorie. The more nutrient-dense foods you consume,the better the chance is to be satisfied with eating less calories. ANDI scores are based on a thirty-four point list of important nutritional metrics. The foods are ranked on a scale of 1-1000, with the most nutrient-dense leafy green vegetables scoring at 1000.

9 Superfoods to add to your next smoothie 

From high antioxidants to omegas, and everything in between, these superfoods will have you feeling and looking your best. 

Acai Berries The Brazilian super boost is packed with powerful antioxidants, anthocyanins and flavonoids, fiber, and heart healthy fats. Many of the reported benefits of Acai include weight loss, good for your heart health, improves immunity, slows down the aging process, and improves sexual performance. Acai berries can be commonly found in the frozen food section of some grocery stores and health food stores.

Avocado A very good source of healthy raw fat. Avocados can provide close to 20 essential health-boosting nutrients including fiber, potassium, vitamin E, B- vitamins, and folic acid.

Almonds Rich in phytochemicals, plant components that promote heart and vascular health. Almonds are a great source of vitamin E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, protein, fiber and iron.

Chia Seeds: These teeny seeds have a huge amount of fiber, which is why chia seeds plus liquid result in a pudding-like gel. One ounce (almost 7 teaspoons) has almost 10 grams fiber, 6.5 grams polyunsaturated (healthy) fats, about 4.5 grams protein and 140 calories along with smaller amounts of iron, zinc and calcium.

Cacao Powder or Nibs Naturally packed with antioxidants, cacao may help improve circulation and release the feel-good chemicals, serotonin and endorphins. It’s heart-healthy, it helps to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Cacao also contains calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc and iron.

Flax Seed Also commonly known as linseed oil, flaxseed oil is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid, and vitamin E. Add a teaspoon to your smoothie for a boost of cardiovascular benefits, anti-inflammatory benefits, and digestive health.

Kale A leafy green vegetable that is very beneficial to your stomach, liver, and immune system. Consider it an excellent source of calcium, iron, lutein, chlorophyll and vitamins A, B and C.

Maca Root Powder Maca, a tuber mostly grown in the Andes Mountains of Peru, that may help improve libido, enhance mood, lower stress levels, help to ease tension while increasing energy.

Spinach A green leafy vegetable that is rich in vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and a very wide mixture of nutrients including magnesium, iron, vitamins K, E and A, B-vitamins, calcium, and manganese.

Try to mix up the recipes and swap out ingredients based on your personal taste preferences. Try a new smoothie each week, to see if you discover some new favorites! Who knows? Maybe you’ll start a healthy smoothie a day habit.