Post Workout Skincare: What to Do to Prevent Workout Breakouts

Post Workout Skincare: What to Do to Prevent Workout Breakouts

The benefits of exercise to our body shows on our skin as well. Working out releases endorphins (happy hormones) that could give you that radiant glow! Plus, it balances out our body's cortisol levels, which can cause wrinkles if it gets too high. Collagen production is also triggered when we get moving, and we all know how important that is for our skin. Exercise just does wonders for our body, doesn't it?

However (yes, there is a however), exercise also causes us to sweat. A LOT. And when we leave the sweat on our face and body, that causes problems like redness and clogged pores. And you know what comes after that: breakouts. That's why you need to have a post-workout skin care routine. As it turns out, many people don't shower after a workout at the gym. So if you think about it, they're just letting the pool of bacteria and sweat sit on their skin until they can have a proper shower later. That's absolutely not a good idea unless you want the acne to start popping out.

So, I'm here to share with you my best tips on how to take care of your skin after a sweaty sesh at the gym.

Skip the Makeup

I know, right?! You don't want to be around the gym buffs absolutely bare-faced. But hey, you don't want all that makeup mixing in with things like sweat and bacteria which your skin will be swimming in. That's just a formula for failure if you ask me. Don't apply makeup before your workout, and don't even apply it immediately after a workout if you haven't washed your face yet. Clear the path so your skin can breathe while you're running, dancing, doing yoga, or whatever.

Change your Clothes

I get that your workout clothes are cute, but you need to get out of them as soon as you're done for the day at the gym. Your activewear is made of materials that are tight, which means they're not breathable and they trap the oil and sweat in your skin.

Wash your Face

Now, this is the post-workout skincare rule that mustn't be broken. Always wash your face after a workout. I cannot stress this enough. You don't want to keep all the dirt, grime, and oil sitting on your pores for hours on end.

Use a gentle cleanser to help wash off all the icky stuff. For your post-workout skin care routine, don't use products that may dry out your skin. It's normal for your face to appear red after a workout, and you don't want to further irritate that with a potent beauty product. You can try cleansers with cooling agents or anti-bacterial properties to help calm the skin down.

It's also a good idea to use cool water when washing your face. Cool water helps close the pores that have opened to let out the sweat. And of course, make sure to pat dry with a towel -- but be extremely gentle because even just rubbing may cause irritation.

No sink? That's not really an excuse to skip cleansing. If you can't get to a sink wherever you're getting your sweat on, stash some cleansing face wipes in your gym bag. I get that running water may not always be promptly available in all places, and face wipes are one way to get around that.

Use a rosewater toning spray

Once all the salty stuff is out of the way, now's the time to get some nutrients and moisture back in there. I highly recommend using a rosewater mist as it's packed with super ingredients that help restore the skin.

So, let's dig a little deeper into the benefits of rosewater. Basically, this popular beauty product is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial. It's an excellent post-workout skin care product as it kills bacteria, calms redness, and moisturizes the skin. Talk about a triple whammy!

Plus, it's said that the scent of rosewater helps reduce stress and boost your mood. So if you're working out in the morning, a product like rosewater can make you feel motivated and pumped up for the rest of the day!

There's actually a lot of ways you can use a rosewater toning mist. It's the versatile type of product that you can spray on at any time, even when you're not having a full-on routine at the moment. Here are some instances where a mist can be used:

  • For a quick morning spritz, if you need a wake-me-up while you're still lying on your bed
  • Pre-workout, when your skin needs a little boost before a sweaty sesh
  • Post-workout, when you need a quick moisturizer before you continue your daily routine
  • Throughout the day, whenever you want to make your skin glow a little more when it's looking dull
  • In your nighttime routine, as a treatment to control and prevent acne and breakouts.

How is it used? Well, you can always just spritz it all over your face and use a cotton pad to wipe off the excess. Or, you can spray it on the pad and wipe your face.

After your face is cleansed and toned, don't forget to apply your sunscreen! SPF is also one of the laws of beauty, so don't forget to stash your sunscreen in your gym bag too. It's best to have at least an SPF 15 for protection. If you have a sensitive skin type, you can apply a gel or serum.

Save the intense products for bedtime

Keep your after-workout skincare products to the bare minimum. The main goal here is to get the dirt off and slap on some moisturizer to maintain your skin's health. So if you have an intense treatment that involves intense skin care products, save those for the night.

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